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John Selya in Guys & Dolls Revival on Broadway

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Hi. I saw Guys and Dolls on Broadway earlier this week. As noted above, John Selya is a member of the "ensemble". He performs a number of dances with an ensemble of approximately 8 men. He doesn't have any speaking lines, although the entire ensemble has some small bits of singing. As for the production as a whole, it looks great. The costumes and scenic design were very impressive. Unfortunately, the leads (Oliver Platt as Nathan Detroit and Lauren Graham as Miss Adelaide) were less than thrilling. The show has received negative reviews, especially Oliver Platt. He is generally a good actor, but he is completely miscast here. Lauren Graham can't sing to save her life, in my opinion. What were they thinking! The best person in the cast is the person who plays "Nicely Nicely" (sorry, I don't have my program and forgot his name). His big number, by far the best number in the show, is Sit Down You're Rockin The Boat. I hope he gets a Tony nomination for supporting actor in a musical. Craig Bierko as Sky Masterson is okay (he has a pretty good voice), but lacks presence. The woman who played Sarah Brown (palyed by Kate Jennings Grant) has a lovely voice. Anyone else see the show?

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Haven't seen this yet, but I've largely heard mixed-to-negative reviews on it due to a combination of the casting and direction.

I would guess that that Selya has been cast as the lead dancer in the ensemble for the choreography-heavy "Luck be a Lady" and some other parts. Scott Wise was the lead dancer in the 1992 revival, and I think he may have walked away with the Astaire award that year.

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I absolutely love John Selya. I saw this production of Guys and Dolls twice, and John was fabulous in it!! The show itself may not have been that strong, but John's dancing was incredible. Luck Be a Lady was definitely the highlight of the show.

I saw John multiple times in Come Fly Away on Broadway last year...I do not even have words to describe how amazing he is!

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