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Raymonda Original Designs Pictures?


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RG or anyone else--what's out there in terms of pictures of Raymonda's original production?

Grigorovich's "Authorized Book of Bolshoi's Raymonda" (translated to English in 1987) has lots of pics of old Moscow productions but not St Petersburg. I've seen one photograph of Legnani and Legat in their Act III "Hongroise" costumes posed. And I also have the Moscow Symphone 2 CD recording of the original score which uses as its cover a scene design by K Ivanov for St Petersburg--I assume it must be the design for Act III in the original production. This is the the link to the cd where you can see the image http://www.amazon.com/Glazunov-Raymonda/dp...6390&sr=8-3

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if mem. serves reproductions of designs for 1898 RAYMONDA are spotty. the odd book, some in russian, reproduces this or that scene. sometimes in color sometimes in black-and-white.

i don't know that i've seen any/many costume sketches.

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Thanks to both of you, and for clearing up the image is from Act II. I suppose the basic settings for all three acts (excepting the dream I: ii) could almost be interspersed with each other. It is interesting to me that Virsaladze's set designs for the Kirov/Sergeyev version kept the drape/curtain motive for the roofs--maybe it just became part of the tradition for designing Raymonda in Petersburg (though I know immediatley before Sergeyev's more conservative version was the Vainonen revision that switched around some of the roles). Certainly Virsaladze's more stylized designs for the Bolshoi/Grigorovich version use a flowing curtain motive as well.

It's too bad that for such a major ballet in Miyazaki's ouevre (at least for me--but definetly one that in Russia has survived the most--although it's fair to say that at the time ballets like Phaorah were probably more performed) seems to not have much archival imagery surviving. Doug--how complete is the Stepanov notation, do you know?

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