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Savion Glover

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Savion Glover will be playing for 3 weeks at the Joyce Theater in NYC in March. I already have my tickets. He is incredibly talented, and I always see him when he plays NYC.

Report back if you get the chance -- we'd love to hear what you think.

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I went to see Savion Glover's new show, SoLo in Time, last night at the Joyce theater in Chelsea. As always, he was fantastic. His rapid-fire footwork was dazzling. He also seems more relaxed on stage, and more willing to interact with the audience than he used to be. He was tireless in a show that was approximately 2 hours, including a 20 min. intermission. Two other tap dancers, Marshall Davis and Cartier Williams, were his "back up" dancers. They were good, but obviously Savion was the star. He utilized a flamenco vocalist, and bass player, a guitarist and percussionist. The music was flamenco and jazz based. The only criticism I have is the extreme over-amplification, which was ear-shattering at times. A wonderful evening of dance.

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Thanks, abatt.

The only criticism I have is the extreme over-amplification, which was ear-shattering at times.
Too bad, because I really admire Glover's art -- he is unique, indeed, and very inventive and entertaining. But the comment "ear-shattering" is enough to keep me away, and I hope whoever is responsible for the sound, be it the Joyce staff or (more likely, I assume) Glover, reads this and in the future makes the necessary adjustments.
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A review I read of the show in the NY Times in early March (when Glover's engagement at the Joyce began) also commented on the over amplification problem. I had hoped that since the show has already been running for 3 weeks, the problem would have been corrected by now. Guess not. Carbro, I'm sorry you've decided to pass on seeing the show. Despite the amplification problem, I enjoyed the dancing. By the way, Savion will be appearing at Carnegie Hall next season for one night. (Too tired right now to look for the date.)

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