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Hi everyone :-) So glad to have found this forum:-)


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Hello everyone:-) Pleased to meet you:-)

My name is Louise. I just joined yesterday. I have taken dance classes on and off as a kid and got back into ballet classes more seriously recently as well as other forms of dance:-) I love folk dance( asian irish you name it!) , jazz, everything , i wish i could do them all LOL!! I also take modern contemporary dance classes too.

I also love opera and classical music ( i sing and play the violin or TRY TO!!!:-)

I love going to the theatre and ballet or to see an opera:-)

I love movement in general , like mime and physical theatre, i took martial arts classes for a while too.

Actually it is amazing how similar dance and martial arts are you know! Lots of very similar movements and use of the same muscles especially in martial arts forms:-)

I love expressing emotion through movement ballet and dance gives me such joy and happiness and peace I LOVE IT:-) Ballet and all forms of dance give a great sense of self and the spirituality of the body or something like that anyway:-) Moving to music (or to silence) always feels so special:-)

Dancing makes me feel great:-)

And it is a great way of meeting lovely people and making friends i love the camaraderie within ballet and dance.

My goals are to improve and to keep improving and growing:-)

Anyway sorry for being so long winded:-)

Basically HELLO:-) :clapping:

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, Louise*; we're very glad to have you with us. Your enthusiasm is contagious and we all share your love of dance. We have a sister site that is designed for dance students which you might find interesting; this site is for ballet audiences. You can access Ballet Talk for Dancers at the upper right hand corner of this page. Please register there and I think you'll find lots of information that will be interesting to you. We ask that if you register on both sites that you use the same name on both. We hope you enjoy both sites.


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