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Ballet Companies in Spain?

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Hi, ballerinabeth, and welcome to BalletTalk.

It isn't clear from your post whether you are looking for a company whose performances you might want to attend or a company-affilated school. For summer intensives, you'll have to register on our sister site, BalletTalk for Dancers. Our site caters to the interests of the audience -- the other side of the curtain :) .

The dancers' site has forums for dancers of all levels, help with pointe shoes, technique, etc. It's a lot of fun. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Regarding the links that Cristian so nicely provided, Victor Ullate is, of course, a well-known teacher whose students include Angel Corella and Tamara Rojo. I don't think Corella (yet) has a feeder school for his company -- no mention of one on his website. Rojo was said to be trying to establish a ballet company in Spain. I don't know the status of that effort or whether it included a school.

Again, if you're looking for performance related information, this is the place. But for training, you're better off on BT4D, as we call it.

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Rojo was said to be trying to establish a ballet company in Spain. I don't know the status of that effort or whether it included a school.

The government announced the creation of a National Classical Ballet Company by the end of this year that will be managed by Víctor Ullate. Tamara Rojo will participate as well as member of the assessment committee.

These are changing times as far as dance is concerned in Spain and some decisions do not seem to be really appropriate :thumbsup:

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The Spanish born Jose Carlos Martínez, etoile danser at the Paris Opera House Ballet Company, has been announced as the new director of the Compañía Nacional de Danza of Spain in substitution of Nacho Duato who left to join the Mijailovsky, as he new his contract was not going to be renewed.

José will take care of the company by September 2011:



and many more but all in Spanish I'm affraid.

Very good news indeed for Spanish dance but: courage José!!! as it will be truly a challenge!

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Corella Ballet has had a 'summer intensive' in late July - August for two years now. I believe there were two 3-week sessions. Notice of the 'intensive' was posted both times in either Pointe or Dance Magazine, AND on the CBCL website itself--where links to registration info was also posted. There have since been YT postings by past participants. Both Angel and Carmen taught,and maybe the company's Ballet Master/Mistress too?


There may not be a full-blown CBCL school yet due to the economic downturn effecting a delay in the location's renovation and construction (it's in a historic palace), but there are certainly opportunities for young classical ballet dancers in Spain at many schools and several companies including Corella Ballet Castilla y Leon. In fact, CBCL has already performed at probably 30+ middle and secondary schools each year since its inception to try and educate the children of Spain about the art form.

RE: Jose Carlos Martinez

Very good news for us, and Spain. Angel Corella once wrote the most beautiful essay about him, a paean from a peer. (But I am also a little sad because, once again, there is a dearth of female AD's running a major classical company.)

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