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Nicolas Le Riche -- New Book of Photos

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At the end of December 2008, Gourcuff Gradenigo published a 354 page book of photographs of Paris Opera Ballet Etoile Nicolas Le Riche by Anne Deniau.

Here is the info from the publisher:

In Nicolas Le Riche, French photographer and filmmaker Anne Deniau (a.k.a. Ann Ray), previously known for her work documenting the designer Alexander McQueen and the songwriter and singer Tom Waits, presents a major work of collaboration and discovery. Deniau worked with Nicolas Le Riche for nearly six years, photographing him in Paris, New York, Tokyo, and London, and captures the life of a premier danseur —long hours at rehearsals, life on the road, moments of leisure, and, of course, performance. The book is designed to be read two ways: Nicolas is the inside, in Anne Deniau's words, "the intense and secret moments", and, turning the book around, La Riche is the outside, "presenting the artist on stage in his major roles with all the violent tenderness that belongs to him".

Apart from a brief interview that divides the two halves of the book, this portrait is told daringly in over 400 photographs with very little editorial comment. The honesty of these pictures could only be achieved by two artists who have built a level of trust over a long period of time. In viewing these intimate images we can perhaps see what Rudolf Nureyev himself saw when, as Director of the Paris Opera Ballet, he recognized Le Riche's unique talent when he was still in the Ecole de Danse and chose him to dance the role of Mercutio in Nureyev’s production of Romeo and Juliet; within two weeks he had cast him in the role of Romeo. In fact, Nicolas Le Riche was the last protégé of the great Russian master.

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I really like watching LeRiche dance. The Ballet Review [*] interview (conducted by Daniel Jacobson) comes with 5 handsome performance shots.

But over 400 photos! The words "plethora" and "surfeit" come to mind. Any idea of the price?

[*] Ballet Review, Spring 2008, pp.26-38.

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In the lobby of L'opera Bastille, there's a huge Bejart photo exhibition on one of the walls. (Floor to ceiling, it's at least two stories high. There are photos of Le Riche there, but the most beautiful was one of Bejart himself in 1969. It was intense and highly swoon-worthy.

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after a brief goooooogle...

Here's a youtube link which is a slideshow of images, from the book and from events surrounding the book.

and this looks to be the official site: (in french) - and now i notice that it's also in translated in english.


and here's the amazon link to buy:


it's an interesting project and has some beautiful pictures (and some not-so-beautiful...).


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All the reviews in French are excellent, which is normal, this book - as much as the photographs - is exceptionnal & beautiful. Great art , great artists. :wub::flowers::tiphat:

French links :



NOUVEL OBS selection


DECITRE lecteur




TGV Magazine



Even the cover of the French Magazine "Danser" + several pages :


& English review : :)


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