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Casting - Week of Jan 27

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The casting in now available on the NYCB website. Abi Stafford and Sara Mearns each debut in Stars & Stripes. Abi gets second cast of Theme & Variations. Katie Morgandebuts in Dances at Gathering (what role is she doing, girl in blue?) and Divertimento 15 (She is moving into big roles fast. Can't wait to see her!) Garcia debuting in T&V. Tess debuts in 4th variation of Brahms-Schoenberg quartet.

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NYCB updated its casting today. It looks like Fairchild and DeLuz in T&V are being replaced by A Stafford and Garcia.

When I saw Michelle Wiles in T&V during ABT's 2008 City Center season, my first thought was "Hmmm ... that's about how Abi Stafford would tackle it" (I've never seen Stafford in the role). I guess now I'll have a chance to test my hypothesis.

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NYCB casting tends to list the STARS AND STRIPES casts according the order of the regiments.

that is, after naming the leading pas de deux dancers (whose movement is set to "Liberty Bell" and "El Capitan"), it gives the names the solo dancers leading, in order, the first, second and third "Campaigns," thus the Corcoran Cadets (originally Kent); the Rifle Regiment (originally Adams and originally given third); and Thunder and Gladiator (originally Barnette and originally given second). so yes, Lowery is cast for the Rifle Reg. (Adams' role).

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