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Swan Lake Spoof


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It's not exactly what Ivanov had in mind, but it is performed by a two-time world champion and Olympic medallist, and...Gedeminas Taranda.

Fast forward to 2 minutes + 20 seconds for the performance.

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I knew he was tall, but I didn't realize he was that tall. Irina Slutskaya is about 5'2" or 5'3", and he towered over her. Of course, he's on skates, too, unlike in ballet, where the woman is on point, but I had no idea.

I thought it was a feather on his headdress. In the second half of the video, Slutskaya and Taranda are in "Kiss and Cry" with coach Alexander Zhulin -- and he towers over Zhulin as well -- waiting for the marks from the judges. (I recognized Anton Sikharulidze, the sublime pairs skater, and coach extraordinaire Tamara Tarasova.) He kept trying to blow it up and away, and at the very end, after over five minutes of comments from the judges, he managed to lodge it in the headdress.

The program got perfect marks across the board :o

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