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rg's Photos-2009

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Peter Martins in Blackglama Ad (Added 1 Jan 09)

Martha Graham Modeling Mink Coat for I.J. Fox (Added 1 Jan 09)

Alicia Markova in Firebird (Added 7 Jan 09)

Two Versions of a News Service Photo of Anna Pavlova (Added 19 Jan 09)

Patricia McBride and Edward Villella in Original Costumes from Rubies (Added 24 Jan 09)

Fini's Design Ideas for the "Emeralds" and "Rubies" Sections of Le Palais de Cristal (Added 2 Feb 09)

G. I. Bolshakova as Cupid (Added 13 Feb 09)

Maria Svetlova at Jacob's Pillow (Added 18 Feb 09)

Cesar Pugni (seated) and Jules Perrot in Rehearsal in St. Petersburg (Added 12 Mar 09)

Nicholas Roerich's Sketch for the Sage in the Original Production of Le Sacre du Printemps (Added 20 Mar 09)

Sergei Gustavovich Legat as Prince Desire in The Sleeping Beauty (Added 23 Mar 09)

John Prinz as The Lover, Carla Fracci as Caroline, and Mimi Paul as An Episode from His Past in Tudor's Jardin aux lilacs (Added 1 Apr 09)

Natalia Makarova and John Prinz, and Carla Fracci and Ivan Nagy as Romeo and Juliet Pairs, with Tudor, the Choreographer, in the Foreground (Added 1 Apr 09)

Early 20th Century French Postcard with Easter Egg-Tinted Tutus (Added 10 Apr 09)

New York City Ballet Program Cover Graphic, with Karin von Aroldingen in PAMTTG (Added 12 Apr 09)

Credits from 1972 Performance of PAMTTG (Added 13 Apr 09)

Mid-century Photo of La Scala (Added 23 Apr 09)

Anna Iannovna, Empress of Russia and Mother of Russia's Ballet Tradition (Added 10 May 09)

Ninel Kurgapkina and B.Y. Bregvadze in Yakobson's Strauss Waltz (Added 10 May 09)

Muriel Bentley as "The Girl with the Pocketbook" from Fancy Free (Added 29 May 09)

Stereoscopic Slide, Based on Giselle (Added 29 May 09)

Irina Kolpatkina and Vladilen Semyonov in Romeo and Juliet (Added 29 May 09)

Right Half of Giselle Steroscope Slide (Added 30 May 09)

Carol Burnett and Edward Villella (Added 5 Jun 09)

Close-up of Villella's Feet and Burnett's Boot (Added 5 Jun 09)

Flyer for New York City Ballet's First Full Season (1949) (Added 13 Jul 09)

Martha Graham and Alicia Alonso (Added 19 Jul 09)

French Postcard, Unidentified Ballerina, Turn of the Century (Added 24 Jul 09)

French Postcard, Close-up of the Feet (Added 25 Jul 09)

Dick Beard, from David Leddick's 'The Male Nude' (Added 27 Jul 09)

Pyetr (Nicolai) Nikolaevich Vladimirov As Favorite Slave from Pavillon d'Armide (Added 28 Jul 09)

Publicity Shot of Bolshoi Dancers Arriving by Plane in the UK, Led by Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev (Added 30 Jul 09)

David Ashmole in Swan Lake (Added 30 Jul 09)

Tamara Toumanova from the Film Tonight We Sing (Added 1 Aug 09)

Hugh Laing in Prodigal Son (Added 9 Aug 09)

Eugenia Platonovna Eduardova (Added 13 Aug 09)

Ruth St. Denis (Added 18 Aug 09)

Suzanne Farrell as Titania in a Broadcast of A Midsummer Night's Dream (Added 21 Aug 09)

Anna Pavlova and Aleksandr Volinine (Added 22 Aug 09)

Engraving of Carlotta Grisi and James Silvain as Paquita and Lucien (Added 24 Aug 09)

Anatole Obukhov as Lucien in Paquita (Added 24 Aug 09)

Moira Shearer as Titania, Robert Helpmann as Oberon, and Stanley Holloway as Bottom in the Old Vic Company's Production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (Added 27 Aug 09)

Moira Shearer in Giselle Act II (Added 27 Aug 09)

Alexandra Baldina as the Tsar Maiden in The Little Humpbacked Horse (Added 29 Aug 09)

Ninel Kurgapkina, Leningrad 1960 (Added 4 Sep 09)

B. Y. Bregvadze as Evgeny and an Unidentified Dancer as Parasha in The Bronze Horseman (left) and Galina Ulanova as Parasha (right) (Added 6 Sep 09)

G.N. Kirilova as Parasha and V.D. Ukhov as Evgeny in The Bronze Horseman (Added 6 Sep 09)

I.E. Chernichev as Evgeny in The Bronze Horseman (left); V.D. Ukhov as Evgeny with G.N. Kirilova Parasha (center); and B.Y. Bregvadze as Evgeny (right) (Added 6 Sep 09)

Raisa Struckhova as Parasha in The Bronze Horseman (Added 7 Sep 09)

Le Theatre Photo of Mlle Lobstein (Added 17 Sep 09)

Moira Shearer and Her Husband (Added 19 Sep 09)

Royal Ballet Program from Nicolai Sergeyev's Production of The Sleeping Princess (Added 21 Sep 09)

Irina Baronova as Lysette and Dmitri Romanov as Colin in Branislava Nijinska's La Fille Mal Gardee (Added 22 Sep 09)

New Stamps Issued by Monaco in Celebration of the Anniversary of the Ballets Russes (Added 29 Sep 09)

Portrait of Tatiana Nikolaevna Legat (Added 30 Sep 09)

Inna Borisovna Zubkovskaya (nee Izraileva) as Lilac Fairy (Added 30 Sep 09)

"Autumn Leaves" from Tonight We Sing with Tamara Toumanova and Danny Kaye as Hans Christian Andersen (Added 15 Oct 09)

Katerina Geltser and Mikhail Mordkin in Swan Lake with Small Corps (Added 19 Oct 09)

Program from The Imperial Russian Ballet Performance of Swan Lake and Divertissements at the Metropolitan Opera House, 1911 in Mordkin's Arrangement (Added 19 Oct 09)

Michel Folkine's Ballet Class, 1923 (Added 19 Oct 09)

Mordkin Ballet Swan Lake Program Page (Added 25 Oct 09)

Poster for The American Ballet on Tour with Photo of Errante (Added 26 Oct 09)

Repertory List and Dancer Head Shots for The American Ballet on Tour (Added 26 Oct 09)

Pearl Argyle and Harry Asmus in Charlot's Revue (Added 28 Oct 09)

Handwritten Caption on the Back of Photo of Argyle and Asmus (Added 28 Oct 09)

A "Peanuts" Cartoon with a Reference to Clive Barnes (Added 3 Nov 09)

List of Speakers from the Clive Barnes Celebration Program, 2 Nov 09 (Mr. Cullum Had to Cancel Due to Illness.) (Added 3 Nov 09)

List of Thanks from Valerie Taylor Barnes from the Clive Barnes Celebration Program, 2 Nov 09 (Added 3 Nov 09)

Front and Back Views of Promotional Postcard for Frederick Wiseman's La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet (Added 4 Nov 09)

Invitation to "Clive Barnes: A Celebration" (Added 7 Nov 09)

Marina Timofeyevna Semyonova and Yuri Kondtratiev as Odette and Siegfried (Added 13 Nov 09)

Ad for Tour for Adolph Bolm's Ballet InTime (Added 13 Nov 09)

Book Jacket for the Recently Published Alexander Shiryaev, Master of Movement (Added 19 Nov 09)

Autumnal Scene in Russia with Birch Trees (Added 25 Nov 09)

Tamara Toumanova as Anna Pavlova in Tonight We Sing (Added 28 Nov 09)

Victor Aleksandrovich Semyonov as Blue Bird (Added 28 Nov 09)

Boris Kniaseff Company in Kniaseff's The Fairy Doll (Added 2 Dec 09)

Princessa Ruusunen (Added 3 Dec 09)

American Ballet Trio, Possibly Reminiscence (Added 4 Dec 09)

From a Staged Version of A Month in the Country: K. S. Stanislavsky as Rakitin; O. L. Knipper as Natalia (Added 7 Dec 09)

From a Staged Version of A Month in the Country: L. M. Koreneva as Vera; R. V. Boleslavsky as Belyaev (Added 7 Dec 09)

Headshot of Louis Godfrey (Added 9 Dec 09)

Nijinska, Announced as the Choreographer for the Film A Midsummer Night's Dream (Added 12 Dec 09)

Cover of the Program Booklet for the 1936 Premiere of Fadetta (Added 17 Dec 09)

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