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Ballet West's Nutty Nutcracker


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I have been reading Ballet Alert for quite a while but this is my first posting. I'm writing because on the "links" page for yesterday there is a post for what is called Ballet West's "Badly received" Nutty Nutcracker.

I was at that show and it was terrific. It was just about sold out. The audience was laughing and engaged and at the end there was a standing ovation.

I realize that a few patrons may not have been happy as they did not know it was going to be a "nutty" show but most everyone around me thought it was wonderful.

As someone who has seen and is proud of our Nutcracker - Willam Christensen's is the first full version in America, I found Ballet West's Nutty performance was also completely respectful of the choreography and the magic of this beautiful production.

Do people think that presenting one "Nutty" show out of almost 30 is a bad idea?

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The article is so brief, it really doesn't say exactly what the objections were to the BW's Nutty Nutcracker. Did people object to what was done, or to the fact that anything was done? I mean, come on; if rubber chickens are involved, it couldn't be all bad. :)

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the longer Article is from the Salt Lake Tribune posted on Tuesday.

Some patrons complained because they did not get enough notice - which is fair.

Other complaints I guess are just because they didn't like it

BTW - my favorite bit was a 3 couple tag-team sugar plum pas de deux executed seamlessly by the companies leading dancers

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It was a great show. Loved the jingle bells in snow, drawn on 6-pack abs for the Arabian girls, uni-brows on the Spanish girls & "Where's Waldo", which kept the kids near us interested in the show. The ideas were all from company members. After several dozen Nutcrackers, this was fun for them. I'm sure we'll see it again next year.

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I noticed that on Ballet West's web site that they've added two performances of "Nutty Nutcracker" to the 2009-10 season line up !! Good for you Mr. Sklute. I'll be coming to your ballet twice...one traditional and one just because it sounds like fun !!

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