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just discovered Robert Gottlieb is on Charlie Rose tonight - too late to do much good as advance word - but in the NYC-area the program from the late night repeats the the next day at 1:30 p.m.; as the second subject on this show, he should be able to catch him about 2 p.m. on Wed. Dec. 24.

the peg seems to be his READING DANCE book.


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Thanks, rg. I was able to catch this morning's 6am repeat of the CR Show on one of the Washington, DC-area PBS stations. Fascinating. Gottlieb seems to echo the feelings of many of us on this board, only far more eloquently. :devil: Truly enjoyed his description of 'ballet deaf' individuals who may otherwise be very bright and artistic in nature; how many of us have had similar experiences taking arts-loving friends to the ballet, only to have them not "get it"? We balletomanes are a special breed.

Thanks to this interview, I'm making a point of purchasing READING DANCE.

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