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Ashton program


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I didn't see it this go round, but did see Two Pigeons at its premiere last year, and it was worth the trip. It's not the Royal, nor Birmingham, but they did their absolute best by the ballet - which I love, and I think Iain Webb and Margaret Barbieri are a real asset to Sarasota.

Keep them on your radar.

I wrote a longer piece on the performance for Dance Now (not online, alas) and here's a sort report for DVT - http://www.danceviewtimes.com/2007/12/pigeons-comes-t.html

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Thank you Leigh -- I enjoyed reading your report for Dance View Times.

I imagine it helps the company (or at least helps the director with the company board) to get such good coverage--especially a prominently featured piece in the New York Times--it was front page of the arts section.

When I was still a child (maybe young teenager--my memory fails me here) I used to mull over a photo-essay about The Two Pigeons in one of Keith Money's books on the Royal Ballet (Seymour/Gable as the lovers). I fell in love with the ballet on that basis alone, and a ballet teacher later told me a bit about the use of the live pigeons in production etc. But I still have never seen it and have always wanted to do so.

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