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Farrell and Balanchine in DON QUIXOTE

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i suppose this photo, which i just received in a laser print - thus the somewhat harsh contrast, etc. - is familiar to those who know the advance publicity for Balanchine's DON QUIXOTE, but i can't recall ever seeing this one before.

come to think of it, this may have been taken after the premiere, perhaps for a monthly glossy magazine, since i don't think Balanchine's taking on the role of the Don was even vaguely indicated in advance of the premiere. most of the early publicity stills i've see show Richard Rapp.

interEsting to note Balanchine's stocking feet, as well as, less surprisingly, Farrells barefeet and bare legs.


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This is definitely a posed shot, as the Don and the Serving Girl never do this in the ballet. I'll bet it was shot after pictures of the Procession in the last act were shot, as the Don has lost his shoes, but not his stockings, before donning (yes, that's the word, isn't it?) his very very LONG nightshirt. It's probably not from the first encounter of the Serving Girl and him, as she washes his bare feet, dries them with her hair, and puts on his stockings and shoes. But then, being posed, it could have been shot anytime.

Edited to add: And yes, the Serving Girl is bare-legged.

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Oh, and I do recall that there was much advance to-do about Balanchine dancing the Don on opening night. The rest of that season was to be Rapp's. I saw him a couple of times, then, as time wore on, Balanchine started doing it more often than others. It was seldom pre-announced. You just got the blue mimeographed strip in the program and a PA for people who had missed the insert.

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