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I was puzzled too, Agnes. :( This is what came up on the WNET-Channel 13 schedule (8pm):

Emma Watson (Harry Potter) and BAFTA Award winner Victoria Wood (Italian Housewife 49) star in BALLET SHOES, the enchanting tale of three orphan girls in 1930s London. Each of the girls has a dream to fulfill. When an unexpected opportunity arises to join the Children's Academy of Dance and Stage Training, the girls discover their special talents and learn to realize their dreams.

And here's the imdb.com listing:


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O you've got to watch it.

WONDERFUL story, and it really gets something right about why people love ballet -- it's for people who need to DO something they can be proud of. Madame Fidolia is the old-fashioned "what-is-this-sack-of-cabbages- thing-you do-with upper-body?" kind of ballet teacher with a big stick and a heart of gold -- notice that her name means "Faithful" (in Ruritanian), and she really is Old Faithful -- and Posy Fossil is a true believer. I just loved them all.

It's a different production than the one PBS showed back in hte 70s (which I LOVED), but I don't see how they can fail to make this satisfying. it's kind of like Auntie Mame -- "we need a little Christmas, right this very minute" -- but with ballet as its milieu.

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I was puzzled too, Agnes.

Sorry, bart and agnes. The book is a famous childrens' story whose title and author (Noel Streatfeild) have surfaced regularly in BT discussions over the years and recently news of the BBC broadcast was reported in the Links and elsewhere when this television version was first shown some time ago, so this was in the nature of a follow up topic. :lol:

(Meg Ryan also offers a helpful summary of the "Shoe" books in You've Got Mail, which is also shown frequently this time of year.):)

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This :pinching fingers together: much.

Posey is a long-legged charmer. We see her doing a few exercises, including bourees (lower legs and feet only on pointe -- maybe done by a double). If you buy it solely and exclusively for the ballet sequences, you'll be disappointed. But it is a sweet tale of loyalty, conflict, betrayal and love on several levels. Wonderfully cast. :excl::excl:

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