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POB annual competition results

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Coryphées :

1. Alexis Renaud is promoted (seven greek dances, Bejart)

2. Fabien Révillon

3. Allister Madin

4. Daniel Stokes

5. Sébastien Bertaud

6. Grégory Dominiak

Quadrilles :

1. Florimond Lorieux is promoted (La sylphide, act I)

2. Marc Moreau is promoted (La sylphide, act II)

3. Yannick Bittencourt is promoted (Paquita, Act II)

4. Yvon Demol is promoted (Dances at a gathering)

5. Yann Chailloux

6. Alexandre Gasse

Women will compete on Friday.

Congrats to everyone, and a special thought for the ones who weren't promoted.

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Women results

Coryphées :

1. Charline Giezendanner (promoted): Romeo and Juliet, act I

2. Caroline Robert

3. Eléonore Guérineau

4. Séverine Westermann

5. Lucie Clément

6. Alexandra Cardinale

Quadrilles :

1. Pauline Verdusen (promoted) : Paquita

2. Amandine Albisson-Pivat (promoted) : Bejard's Bhakti III :(


3. Héloïse Bourdon-Noury (promoted) : Don Quixote, Act II

4. Marine Ganio-Khalfouni

I haven't seen the men competition. The results are discussed as usual, but nothing very scandalous this year.

The quadrilles results are fine, but the promotion of an oldest dancer with an easier choice for his free variation to the rank of of sujet seems to be to questionable when there are talended youngsters who did better with more difficult choices for the free variation. One has to have in mind that talended sujets who can cope with principals parts are needed now, and I'm not sure Alexis Renaud's fits that criteria.

A complete review of ladies to come.

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Compulsory :

Lifar’s Cigarette of La flute en blanc. One can wonder where is the so famous Lifar’s style. It looks there is a problem in the way POB hands over Lifar’s heritage to the youngest generation…Notable showings were made by Amandine Albisson (19) and Aubane Philbert (20)


More classical choices this year:

I particularly noticed:

-Amandine Albisson-Pivat, an future etoile for the observers, but still a work in progress, although of course she’s already incredible for one so young

-The poetry and freshness of Aubane Philbert who made a very difficult choice (Clara, The Nutcarcker, Act II) and did extremely well until a fault which has disturbed her until the end. I really hope she will finally pbe romoted next year, she deserves it so much

- The authority of Héloise Bourdon-Noury, only 17, in Don Quixote

-Pauline Verdusen, an excellent star in Paquita

Could also be remarked Miho Fuji in Emeraudes and Sophie Parczen in Cendrillon.

The result is quite correct, although I think Aubane Philbert could have been saved and get promoted since this competition is so curious. From what has been seen in the past, a promotion for her wouldn’t have been scandalous, but the history is done.

See you later for the coryphées

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