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Andreas Pavley

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An interesting collection of photos as a sort of slide show on YouTube:

Thank you for drawing our attention to this interesting exhibit.

I was familiar with a good number of these photographs and although some border on the somewhat 'outré', they also appear to be a direct tribute to Anna Pavlova's repertoire whose company they were members of. You can also see a resemblance to Diaghilev's Ballet Russe productions of Fokine's ballets in a number of the poses and costumes.

I have a copy of Oukrainsky’s book, “My two years with Pavlova” but cannot remember one iota of its content, probably because I kept skimming through it. I shall now put it on my list of books to re-read after seeing the photographs again.

Pavley was to commit suicide in the same years as Pavlova died aged only 39.

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