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This is exciting. I've stopped by the construction site and the whole thing is taking form already. Congrats, Mike! :thumbsup:

A New Home for Virtuosity

"When Michael Tilson Thomas and Ted Arison founded the New World Symphony in 1987, they gave America much more than its only full-time orchestral academy. They re-invented the meaning of virtuosity for the 21st century. With an environment and curriculum that go far beyond those of traditional conservatories, NWS produces musicians who are leaders in the fullest sense of the word. The Fellows leave Lincoln Road as accomplished, compelling instrumentalists who are ready to take ownership of the orchestral enterprise’s future. It has become increasingly clear that the remarkable success of the New World Symphony far eclipses the physical capacity of its home since 1989, the Art Deco-era Lincoln Theatre. For all its vintage charm, the building has severe acoustical deficiencies and technological limitations. These challenges, coupled with a sheer lack of space, keep NWS from pursuing the next steps in orchestral innovation – whether in new performance formats, expanded educational programs, distance learning, or community outreach."


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