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peer gynt

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I saw Houston Ballet perform Ben Stevenson's version of "Peer Gynt" at City Center in the early 1980s.

Cranko has "Holberg Pas de Deux" (done first by Joffrey and then by ABT in the U.S.) to Grieg and Arthur Mitchell did a "Holberg Suite" for DTH.

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I see that there has been a ballet called Peer Gynt offered in 1963 by Festival Ballet and choreographed by Orlikowsky. Is it ever produced these days ? Has Grieg's music been choreographed by others?

It was still in Festival Ballet's repertoire in 1964 and was shown on BBC Television that year. A copy the broadcast is held by the British Film Institute in London. I cannot recall it being revived subsequently. When it was first staged it had an extraordinary cast including refugees from the disbanded de Cuevas ballet. Other productions using the Grieg music not alredy mentioned in other posts include; Stela Korljan in 2002 for Rendsburg Ballett and Jiří Kyselák for Pilsen Ballet in 2007.

I thought(at the time,) that the Orlikovsky was a realy good ballet, but then the casts were excellent.

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