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Is there a "Stars of the 21st Century Gala" this year?

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Solomon and Nadia Tencer are not producing a Stars of the 21st Century Ballet Gala this February at Lincoln Center. The decision was made even before they were asked to produce the Gala in Europe at the usual February time, which they will be doing. It is a very costly venture to mount it in New York.

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Another year has gone by, and I have the same question as was aksed a year ago!

Does anyone know if there will be a gala this year, 2010? especially in Toronto, but anywhere?

If not, what has happened to this gala event? Was it too expensive, was there a lack of interest, or did the presenters simply burn out?

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The gala was held earlier this month (Jan. 4th) in Panama. It was also held in Bucharest (Romania) a few months ago.

The dancers in Panama were Daniil Simkin with Natalia Domracheva, David Makhateli with Shoko Nakamura, Lucia Lacarra with Marlon Dino, Desmond Richardson, Denis Matvienko with Anastasia Matvienko, Agnes Letestu with Jose Martinez, Alina Somova with Vladimir Shklyarov.

Interest is always very high.

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There is ballet in Panama? What a strange place to hold a gala.

I wonder as noted above that world finances have something to do with it. But is the prestige of the galas held by these presenters declining after hosting them in New York and in Europe? Of course I know the dancers Marga talked about are world class, but why the obscure places?

I do miss the Toronto galas.

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Well, there's the Panama National Ballet, but the gala being held there probably has more to do with the fact that Panama is where the Tencers spend their holiday break every year with their family. The dancers loved the warm weather, though!

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