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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Can't find many apt scenes in my collection of mostly Russian postcards but this one, from a specially produced and released fund-raising series of Red Cross cards from St. Petersburg featuring THE SEASONS, as painted by Konstantin Somov, of autumn might say HAPPY THANKSGIVING in its Francophilic Russian way.


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Very nice autumn, but not too much like Thanksgiving as we know it, since I just went to the Macy's Parade, which is so Dada a l'americaine with the giant balloons between the sharp edges. It's quite amazing visually if you find the right perch--which is 33rd just below Macy's, because you see up 10 blocks and only the high-flying balloons, which don't seem to be moving. Very hypnotic, because they seem fixed there in this new unnatural environment. Only 2nd time I saw it.

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