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Question about ABT Season's Tickets

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Well here's my second annual ticketing question for you experts that attend the ABT Met season much more than I do. Last year I bought (for the first time!) a 4-performance package. I exchanged one of the tickets during the priority exchange week and added another individual ticket. All in all it was a nice season for me and I thought my seats were decent (Dress Circle). So this year I thought I'd upgrade to a 6-performance package and maybe add another individual ticket if the mood struck me - the problem is that I don't see any packages that suit me. (I make my selections based mostly on casting.) I spent some time on the phone today speaking to a helpful person at the box office. It appears that my choices are thus: Buy a 6-performance package and exchange 3 or 4 of the 6. This seems like a lot of exchanging. Or (and this was his suggestion) wait until March when they offer the "create your own" package and get exactly what I want. (Barring casting changes, which I know is always a possibility.) I'm afraid good seating might be unavailable at that late date. BTW, he said I would have to call back in February to find out when in March that is offered. Any advice for me? Thanks in advance!

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There are some ifs here. Can you do your exchanges now? If your exchanges are for what will be likely to be well sold performances and you can exchange now, I'd go for that.

If you can't exchange until the time when you can make your own, it's probably better to wait.

As far as casting changes, normally Ananiashvili and Vishneva will stay with the dates announced, injury excepted.The same sort of goes for Corella. These three have engagements in between. This is probably also true of Bolle.

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Thanks for your reply, zerbinetta. I believe priority exchange week will be the week of March 22nd before individual tickets go on sale to the general public. So, yes chances are that good seating may already be taken by season ticket holders. I didn't know that info re the four dancers you mentioned. Good to know. Thanks again.

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