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Violette Verdy and Mimi Paul, PNB 15 Jan 09

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This from the back of today's program:


with Violette Verdy and Mimi Paul

Thursday, January 15, 2008 [sic]

5:30-7:00 p.m.

Studio C, The Phelps Center, 301 Mercer St.

Ticket $20 -- Space is limited

Join Pacific Northewest Ballet for a studio rehearsal and conversation with ballet legends Violette Verdy

and Mimi Paul, originators of the ballerina roles in George Balanchine's Emeralds, the first ballet in

Balanchine's triptych, Jewels. Ms. Verdy and Ms. Paul will coach PNB dancers in their Emeralds roles

and discuss their work with Balanchine and the creation of Jewels in 1967.

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Do we have an "extremely envious" smilie? Please, PNB members, report on this.

For those who can't be there, there's always Verdy coaching Elisabeth Maurin in Emeralds in the wonderful dvd Violette and Mr. B. But no Paul, of course. I'd love to see her "on stage" again. :dunno:

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I hope this is filmed!
AND that it will be made available on their website. I'm sure PNB knows this is a historic event -- but do they know just how much many of us, all around the country, wish we could be there? I'm beginning to think that PNB with Boal is setting a new gold standard in the area of enriching the experience of U.S. ballet audiences.
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Unfortunately, I don't think they have plans to film this for public consumption. At one point, I thought it might be a Balanchine Foundation project, but it looks like not.

And yes, I think it's going to be fantastic. (not to rub it in if you can't be there...)

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Verdy coached Emeralds for the Foundation about two years ago; Paul just did a week ago. (I'm transcribing about 15 pages of notes now from Paul's coaching of that and Valse Fantaisie - it will be in the print edition of Danceview.)

I'm green w/envy! Looking forward to reading it....

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I'm pretty amazed myself. Paul didn't want any spectators, but I was allowed in.

She coached Jon Stafford and Sara Mearns in Emeralds, and the next day with John Clifford coached Megan Fairchild and Jared Angle in Valse Fantaisie.

Short version - very effective sessions. Her style wasn't as metaphorically rich as Verdy (whose is?) but she got tons out of everyone quickly and directly. Very interesting woman, very into epaulement and the use of space.

And John Clifford is the Energizer Bunny.

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I had the happy fortune to be coached by Violette for her Emeralds and La Source solos while I was at Indiana University. It was a part of a university-funded archival project. I have to agree that I do not know of anyone with such rich and effective use of metaphor. How great that PNB recognizes the usefulness of such coaching! The benefits will certainly trickle down to many generations of dancers there.

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