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Italian tradesman talk ballet

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The following dialogue was selected from a book.Here goes....

Frank "Yo! What's shaking?

Tony "Not much buddy-boy.repaired another 72 cubic Freez-O-Matic today.ain't they the worst?

Frank "Fuggedaboutit.Faulty freon tubes left and right.Gimme that side by side Kenmore any day I always say.

Tony "Didja get a look at that prima ballerina tonight? Whoa, what a dancer.

Frank "You got that right.Never seen such a line.She musta practised with a tape measure.

Tony "Yeah, how about that pas de deux-did you catch that amazing pointe work.Quick but delicate, like a Rapid R-53 staple gun.

Frank "And those 32 fouettes in the coda. It was like she was drillin' a hole in the floor at 900 rpm with an 18 volt Black&Decker cordless.

Tony "Yeah but what's with her partner? No turnout at all during his variation.Sheesh!

Frank "Yeah, what does he think he is, a Ramelson 11/64 straight handle skew chisel?

Tony "And he totally messed up his menage.turned it into a diagonL halfway through. He coudda used a plumb bob level.Whadda louse.

Frank "Yeah... got something stuck in his dance belt.

Tony "See you at Beethoven's 9th tonight?

Frank "count on it.

Go figure! Ciao


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Thanks, perichoresis. I love the insights these particular balletomanes bring to ballet. The image of a dancer's turnout resembling a Ramelson straight-handle skew chisel will stay with me for a l-o-n-g time! :wink:

Tony "See you at Beethoven's 9th tonight?

Frank "count on it.

Is that Bejart's version of the 9th that he's talking about?
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