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the short and ever frustrating answer, is, no.

the maly theater production of "petipa's staging" of HARLEQUINADE, supervized by pyotr gusev, was telecast to the UK in the late 1970s; it was taped off the air by lucky souls but it was not subsequently shown in the US.

a suite of dances from balanchine's staging was included in a PBS telecast called: Baryshnikov at the White. but this was not released commercially.

here is the data on these two items as they are catalogued in the NYPL dance collection:

[Homage to Marius Petipa] [1979?] 118 min. : sd. color

Titles and narration in Russian. Produced by Soviet Television. Taped during performance at the Maly Theatre, Leningrad. Performed by members of the Maly Theatre Ballet.

CONTENTS. - Harlequinade. Choreography: Petr Gusev after Marius Petipa. Music: Riccardo Drigo. Decor: Tatiana Bruni. Cast: Sergei Kosadaev (Harlequin), Alla Malysheva (Colombine), Evgenii Myasishchev (Pierrot), Tatyana Podkopayeva (Pierrette), Gennadii Kolobkhov (Cassender), Valerii Dolgallo (Leander), Galina Laricheva (Fairy) - Halte de cavalerie. Choreography: Petr Gusev after Petipa. Music: Johann Armsheimer. Sets: Gennadii Sotnikov. Costumes: Tatiana Ratner. Cast: Larisa Zubkovich (Teresa), Tatiana Goryshina (Maria), Aleksandr Evdokimov (Peter), Valerii Dolgallo (Colonel), Herman Zamuel (Captain), Valerii Pechersky (Cornet) - Grand Pas from Paquita. Choreography: Nikita Dolgushin after Petipa. Music: Ludwig Minkus. Costumes: Dolgushin. Cast: Valentina Mukhanova (Ballerina), Nikita Dolgushin (Cavalier), with Tamara Statkun, Yelena Alkanova, Natalya Mikhalevskaya, and Maria Vishnevskaya.

Baryshnikov at the White House .68 min. : sd. color

Performance by Mikhail Baryshnikov with Patricia McBride and Heather Watts telecast by WNET from the East Room of the White House, February 25, 1979. Choreography: George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins. Host: Edward Villella.

CONTENTS: Introduction by Villella and very brief comments by President Carter (8 min.). Duet from Harlequinade (13 min.): Choreography by Balanchine, music by Riccardo Drigo, performed by Baryshnikov and McBride, with students from the Washington School of Ballet. Excerpt from Rubies section of Jewels (6 min.): choreography by Balanchine, music by Igor Stravinski (Capriccio for piano and orchestra), danced by Baryshnikov and Watts. Three Chopin dances, with choreography by Robbins and costumes by Santo Loquasto (21 min.): the first dance, a pas de deux from Other dances, performed by Baryshnikov and McBride: the second dance, a solo from Dances at a gathering, performed by McBride; the third dance, a world premiere, danced by Baryshnikov and McBride -- Tarantella (6 1/2 min.): choreography by Balanchine, music by Louis Gottschalk, performed by Baryshnikov and McBride.

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The New York Public Library Dance Collection has several recordings of Harlequinade: a 1984 and a 1985 live performance, both with McBride and Ib Andersen, both recorded 'for archival purposes'; 1978 stage rehearsal - not quite complete (Harlequin appears to be missing) - with McBride; and a 1993 live performance with Margaret Tracey and Peter Boal. All four are listed as 'available'. You can get full information at the library's web site, nypl.org.

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