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Ballet Arizona -- Midsummer Night's Dream -- Teaser

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If there are those among you who have thought about coming to this performance, but haven't made plans, yet -- delay no more! I've been lucky enough to have a sneak peak, so can tell you this is a luscious production, beautifully danced. Natalia Magnicaballi is more beautiful than ever, Paula Hartley and Ginger Smith more dramatic, Chelsea Wilcox a wonderful addition to the company ... and the men -- THE MEN!!!!! Ooh la la -- the best looking, best dancing group yet, including Roman Zavarov, Russell Clarke, Nathan Vander Stoep and Ross Clarke :clapping:

The costumes are Boston Ballet and Ballet Arizona costume shop. There are too few performances -- just over Halloween weekend. The pairings of each of the principal couples are exquisite and offerenjoyable contrast, so be sure and see alternate casts.

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I hope you'll review the casts for us, Arizona Native :clapping: I really wanted to see this production, but I'll be out of the country next weekend.

I noticed on the website that the casting is up:


and that there's a two-part radio interview with Ib Andersen in which he discusses the production among other topics:


(scroll down close to bottom of the screen)

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