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Scenery and Lighting Design and effects,

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:lol::) I have recently been comparing the overall vision on Scene en blanc (Lifer to Lalo's music ) my first view of this superb work was from an Australian Ballet DVD, which was very clear, and you could see the complex original brilliant choreography, as the stage was in full light. However, in excerts on YouTube of Paris Opera Ballet, the background seems to be in darkness, with the dancers just spot lighted. Which means a lot of the essemble's in the background cannot be seen well, and you lose a lot of the style and movement that makes this ballet so impressive. Have any of you seen the POB production live please? I hope to go and see the mixed bill next February.

I was disapointed in the facilities for people with disabilities at the Garnier, there were no hand rails on the steps at the front of the building, and it was hard to access the entrances with people leaning on any walls that one could have held on to. Inside the lighting was terrible, with only side lights on the corridors, the steps beside the lifts, that went up to the different levels, if the main staircase was not assessible to you, were so dark, even in the middle of the afternoon, I found it dangerous to attempt them. I realise the idea might be for effect, but not at all practical. It is such a beautiful building, and has a wonderful atmosphere, but a little more lighting both in the theatre, and on stage would be a great help to some of us. Next time I am taking a small hand torch so I can feel safe walking up and down the stairs etc.

I feel the Lighting Guy for the productions needs to increase the volume of stage illumination, which could be done, without losing ambence.

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