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4 Temperaments is coming up in Program I


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It's just hit me :o that Program I -- in addition to Swan Lake and the ubiquitous, obligatory Tharp (In the Upper Room) -- will be my first chance to see 4 T's as set by MCB.

Any thoughts about who you'd like to see dance the leads?

I have a few names on my wish-list. Of course, Villella always manages to pull a few suprises, having seen qualities in some of his dancers that most of us did not know were there.

Melancholic: Rolando Sarabia. Who else? I wish Yann Trividic were still here.

Sanguinic: Jennifer Kronenberg (and Carlos Guerra). Patricia Delgado (and Didier Bramaz).

Phlegmatic: Jeremy Cox. Jeremy Cox. Jeremy Cox.

Choleric: Tricia Albertson; Jeanette Delgado.

Here's a list of dancers I'd love to see give it a try, even if they aren't the names that leap to mind first.

Melancholic: Isanusi Garcia-Rodriguez. Marc Spielberger.

Sanguinic: Haiyan Wu or Mary Carmen Catoya

Phlegmatic: Alex Wong (playing against type)

Choleric: Callie Manning. And how about Deanna Seay, really letting loose?

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