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80's pop video featuring RB dancers


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Wasn't sure where to post this and if it's OK to link to youtube ... please move, delete or advise if necessary! :)

Anyway I found this old video on youtube of The Cure (80's goth pop band from the UK) the video uses a couple of RB dancers performing in front of the band. One is Sharon McGorian (?) and the other dancer's name I couldn't make out (nor the name of the choreographer).

I'd be interested to know more about these dancers or this video. And did they make any other videos like this!?

Is she any relation to Elizabeth McGorian?

As for the video itself - I was never really a fan of The Cure but I think they were (are?) a great band. They look so young here! The choreography is ...er ...well .... um .... hmmmm ...gosh........ but I have to say just I love it anyway.... if only for the reason it is so unlike the cynically soft porn or ego, material wealth and violence glorifying pop videos of today. It's just looks so refreshingly innocent, uncontrived and down to earth compared to today's sleek but soulless videos. (see also: Kate Bush videos of the same era! Clearly a huge balletomane/ ballerina-in-her-dreams!).

This Cure video, it's just fascinating to watch in so many ways! (Maybe more so if you grew up in the 80's like me).

Just search youtube for 'The Cure Live With The Royal Ballet'

In fact what about other pop videos featuring ballet? - please don't mention Alessandra Ferri and Sting though! I can't take Sting seriously in that video (or in fact generally...) it's just ridiculous! (no offense Mr Sting :) )

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