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ABT's Corella to Perform in La Gioconda at the MET

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Angel Corella and Letizia Giuiliani will be performing the Dance of the Hours (choreographed by Christoper Wheeldon) in La Gioconda at the Metropolitan Opera House. You can go to the Met's website for the dates of La Gioconda. However, the website does not list the dancers. This information is contained in the casting list available in the lobby of the Opera House. Since the MET only gives casting lists for two weeks at a time, there is presently no info re whether Corella and Giuliani will be performing in all of the Gioconda performances. (Corella did this same role at the MET two years ago, and the audience went nuts.) See you at the Opera!

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I googled Danny & the last thing I found on him was an appearance at a big AARP benefit the end of June this year.

He sometimes appears as a guest instructor / performer with his dancer (not ballet) friends, like this.


I knew him six months ago through Japan FOX airing of SYTYCD and

overwhelmed by his superhuman pirouette & jete with perfect aplomb and flowing arm movements.

I wish he would go back to ballet world where his gifted elegance would shine most brilliantly!

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