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ABT launches Antony Tudor celebration site

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A release from the company:





As part of its centennial tribute to choreographer Antony Tudor, American Ballet Theatre has created a new microsite celebrating Mr. Tudor’s life and work. The new site will coincide with ABT’s Fall season at New York City Center, October 21-November 2, which culminates in a Tudor Centennial Tribute on October 31.

Scheduled to launch Friday, September 19, the new site, www.abt.org/Tudor < http://www.abt.org/Tudor > , will highlight the creation of each of the Tudor works to be seen during the season and will be presented in three chapters: “Tudor’s Early Days in London” (Jardin aux Lilas, Judgment of Paris); “Coming to America: The Early Years at American Ballet Theatre (Pillar of Fire, Romeo and Juliet); and “Coming Home: Tudor Returns to ABT” (The Leaves Are Fading, Continuo). Each chapter on the site will provide a brief description of Mr. Tudor’s life during that time and background on the ballets. Excerpts of reviews from ABT’s original Tudor productions, music clips and quotes from notable dancers, including Agnes de Mille, Amanda McKerrow and Sallie Wilson, will be featured. A video and photo gallery, including photos from American Ballet Theatre’s archives and current productions, will highlight www.abt.org/tudor <http://www.abt.org/tudor> . A video excerpt of a rare television appearance by Mr. Tudor on The Dick Cavett Show in 1978 provides the viewer insight into some of the choreographer’s methods and motivations. The site is rounded out with reflections by Artistic Director Kevin McKenzie, a YouTube link to McKerrow and John Gardner performing The Leaves Are Fading and a full listing of all of ABT’s productions of Mr. Tudor’s work.

For more information, please visit www.abt.org < http://www.abt.org > .

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this scan shows an undated, unidentified photo of Nora Kaye and Tudor, as, respectively, Caroline and The Man She Must Marry, in JARDIN AUX LILAS.

interesting to check the casts of the work during Ballet Theatre's first season during 1940.

for those who want to delve into the data, Kaye was not yet doing Caroline in 1940.


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Did anyone have problems with the videos? I found that halfway through each segment, the audio would start from the beginning playing over the original audio. Basically, one set of voices would drown out the other, and I had to wait until the first soundtrack completed to get the whole segment, without the ability to match the body language with the commentary and taking about 50% longer than it should.

:) Oh, the charm and humility of Dick Cavett. Once in a while I need to be reminded what a unique host/interviewer he was. Miss him.

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Did anyone have problems with the videos?
I had the same problem. The stuttering effect was sweet for a short time. Not unlike one of those clicking languages. But it would be better to be able to understand what's being said. I hope ABT fixes this soon.
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