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Slate: 80 over 80

Slate Magazine takes a stab at naming the 80 "Most Powerful Octogenarians in America." Merce Cunningham comes in at #29. ( :) )

Who's missing that you would have included? Elliot Carter tops my list of inexplicable oversights; he turns 100 this year, and is still composing first-rate music. Paul Taylor should definitely be on 2010's list (and on next year's "79ers to Watch").

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How could they leave out Arthur Laurents? :)

When it comes to contributions to the American theater, Laurents (91) is right up there in importance and on-going creativity with his fellow East Enders (Long Island, not London) Elaine Stritch (82) and Edward Albee (80), who DID make the list.

In a just world, Frederick Franklin (93) would be on the list too. Still vital. Still serving his art.

I remember when these four guys were young. Well, relatively young. They should give us all something to live up to. Even the youngest of us.

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