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Name the cat

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can you submit the cat's name and the approximate date of the photo?

I believe the cat is Bottom and the picture around 1963. I think it's the cat Suzanne got, at Mr. B's suggestion to help her better relate to the character, Bottom in Midsummer Night's Dream. At least that's what I remember from her book.

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Yes. Perky, Bottom is the cat who never warmed to Mr. B. Incidentally, Bottom was also called "Girl" and in her autobiography, Suzanne wrote "she didn't really approve of anyone but me, especially not men." She describes Girl's relationship with Mr. B as "testy" and quotes Balanchine as saying, "If there's one thing I'm going to do it's conquer this cat." He eventually did, but not before enduring lots of scratches.

In recent years, Suzanne has had dogs. For a few years, I got Christmas cards signed by her and a poodle names TEX. There's another poodle now, named CHARLIE.

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