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Miami promotions for the 2008-2009 season

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According to the website, here are Miami's promotions and new dancers for the 2008-2009 season. Congratulations to all!


To Principal:

Jeanette Delgado (USA)

Isanusi Garcia-Rodriguez (Cuba)

To Principal Solist:

Didier Bramaz (Switzerland)

Yang Zou (China)

To Soloist:

Alexandre Dufaur (France)

Allynne Noelle (USA)

To Corps de Ballet:

Michael Breeden (USA)

Bradley Dunlap (USA)

Ezra Hurwitz (USA

Rebecca King (USA)

Elize McKinley (Australia)

Chaz Meszaros (USA)

Christie Sciturro (USA)

Amir Yogev (Israel)

To Company Apprentice:

Peter Doll (USA)

Gabriela Gonzalez (Mexico)

Elizabeth Smedley (USA)

Nicole Stalker (USA)

New Dancers:

Corps de Ballet

Carlos Quenedit (Cuba)

School Apprentices:

Yaolli Sousa Sanchez (Mexico)

Carling Talcott (USA)

Any thoughts? Comments?

As for me, it was wonderful last season to see the growth, especially in stagecraft, of Delgado and Bramaz. Delgado's range, both emotionally and as a dancer, has increased in an impressive way, and Bramaz is becoming a confident partner as well as an eye-catching soloist. (incidentally, MCB now has two principals who are sisters: Jeanette and Patricia).

I was also happy to see Garcia-Rodriguez return to the company last season, after a year or two dancing with Gamonet, and to watch the way he commanded the stage in the new Tharp piece. He's a principal, definitely , especially in big dramatic pieces.

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Good, good, good...I was already wondering what was up with the delay on Delgado and Isanusi's promotions. These two are just fire...specially Delgado. (Mmm... can taste her Kitri already, yum..) As for Quenedit in the Corps, I'm truly happy that he chose to stay here. The more Alonso's expatriates around the better...that's my saying. Well, it's time to do some dream casting. (I think there's a thread about it open somewhere already, right bart...?)

Thanks for the update!

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Printcess, both Breedon and Hurwitz were given some prominence several times this season: in the Tharp Nightspot, for instance. Both also danced in Diamonds. I remember thinking, especially of Hurwitz: "This dancer is just a coryphee?!!!"

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Did you mean Breeden as a coryphee? I believe Hurwitz was an apprentice last season. In any rate.. they both deserve a promotion! Hurwitz also did Hoops this year if I'm not mistaken, and Breeden has been a prominent corps de ballet member since his inception as an apprentice in the company two seasons ago (Stravinsky Violin Concerto, Symphony in Three, Square Dance, etc.) Congratulations to both of them!

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That's correct Figurante. Michael was a coryphee, and I think that rank has been eliminated - it was an odd titling, as Miami used it to indicate a rank below corps de ballet rather than between corps and soloist. Hurwitz was an apprentice. In both cases it was a promotion.

I've seen Michael's dancing since his days at SAB as well. We're friends, so I'm biased, but I think he has beautiful line.

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Sorry for the confusion. I was looking at a program from last season which has Breeden as the lone "coryphee." I turned the page and found Hurwitz without noticing that the heading had changed to "apprentice."

I've only been following MCB for 7 seasons, but my impression is that the company has been more likely to promote female dancers upward from the corps than young male dancers.

Of the eight current female principals, only Catoya and Wu arrived as principals. Alberson, Carranza, and Seay were corps members at MCB. Kronenberg and the two Delgados (Patricia and Jeanette) were Apprentices.

Of the five current male principals, Cox arrived as a coryphee and Penteado as a member of the corps. But Guerra, Rolando Sarabia, and Garcia Rodriguez were hired at higher levels.

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