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Stephen Hanna

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My subscription brochure for the Winter 2009 season arrived today and I happened to notice a curious thing...there was no mention of Stephen Hanna anywhere inside. I also searched in vain for his name on the NYCB website. Has anyone else had this experience?

It seems sad to think that he will not be dancing on the stage of the New York State theater in the winter, or anymore, perhaps--but maybe I am being too pessimistic. In any case, I would like to say how much I have always enjoyed his dancing.

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I wasn't planning on seeing Billy Elliot again (having seen it in London when it first opened), but as soon as I found out (a while ago) that Stephen Hanna was going to be the "older" Billy, I got a ticket. Although he's not on until the very end of the second act, it's a wonderful number (Stephen's older Billy dances with the younger Billy). Hopefully Broadway audiences will be interested in seeing more ballet once they get a taste of a "real" ballet dancer (we'll miss Stephen at NYCB though!). How lucky that there is so much of it in NYC, and in so many other wonderful cities.

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