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Alexandra kindly redirected me to the linked essay (below) by Danish critic Alexander Meinertz about Lander's ETUDE(S).

i recalled Meinertz's mentioning some of his thinking on this to me but completely forgot that Alexandra had wisely prodded him to put his thoughts in print, which he did and which she then helpfully published in DANCE VIEW.

If i can squeeze my copy of svend kragh-jacobsen's book on the Royal Danish Ballet i can add a period illustration to the mix. If mem. serves the publication of this essay in DANCE VIEW included illustrations, but i can't at this moment put my hands on my printed, hard-copy. in any case, here's a link to the essay itself:


if, as is perfectly possible, this has been posted recently, i apologize for the duplication and repetition.

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Here is a scan from my copy of the following book, as listed in NYPL cat.:

Den kongelige danske ballet; under redaktion af Svend Kragh-Jacobsen og Torben Krogh.

Kobenhavn, Selskabet til udgivelse af Kulturskrifter [1952?]

517 p. illus., plates, ports., facsims. 28 cm.

it helps illustrate, so far as my nonexistent understanding of Danish goes, the text's narrative about the Royal Danish Ballet's history when it reaches the Lander period, in the 1940s, when ETUDE was first given.

BT's Danish scholars would likely add much to any discussion of the article or the illustration.


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Thank you for making this link to the ETUDES article by Alexander Meinertz. I didn't know that ETUDES has so many "faces" depending on where or by whom it is performed. It was really interesting and I enjoyed a lot reading it!

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