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Jermel Johnson wins 2008 Princess Grace Award!

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The company has announced that Jermel Johnson, corps de ballet member, has won a 2008 Ballet Fellowship from the Princess Grace Foundation!

Here is the link:

http://www.paballet.org/news/pressrelease/detail.aspx?id=278 - PA Ballet's website

http://www.pgfusa.org/ - Princess Grace website

This is great for Johnson, but I found the Ballet's press release a bit cryptic. Besides the honor, what does the fellowship mean for Johnson, in material terms? Does a fellowship mean that PGF pays Johnson directly, or does PGF subsidize his salary through the Ballet? The press release alludes to the latter possibility when it says "the Princess Grace Foundation-USA supports the nominating organizations’ fundraising efforts by extending general operating monies to companies hosting a recipient," but doesn't say directly if PA Ballet will receive money on Johnson's behalf or not.

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