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Heads up - panel on Aesthetics and Indian Dance

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Hey folks - oddly enough I've been invited to participate in a panel on Indian Dance as part of the Erasing Borders Festival

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 11 am – 1 pm Panel Discussion: "Aesthetics of Indian Dance: What do you see?"

Venue: The Ailey Studios (Studio LLC), 405 W 55th Street at 9th Ave

Cost: $5/ person

There are some very interesting concerts in the evening as well, the final one curated by a wonderful Indian dancer (and friend/mentor who introduced me to Indian Dance) Rajika Puri

The information on the festival is here - http://www.iaac.us/IAAC_dance_festival/dance_festival.htm

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Well, I did it, and unsurprisingly, I had a lot more specific things to say about the aesthetics of ballet than I did about the aesthetics of Indian dance. What was surprising was how pertinent those things happened to be even so. The issues and questions in Indian dance mirror uncannily those we discuss here all the time - classical v. contemporary, fusion v. purity, genres v. no labels. It was fascinating to see them discussed without having a dog in the fight for a change. The perspective was refreshing!

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