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Chicago Dancing Festival stand-by vouchers coming 18th August

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I learned at the Harris Theatre box office yesterday that 75 stand-by tickets for the 18th August Chicago Dancing Festival performance will be given out when that office opens at noon on that day. Presumably these tickets will establish a priority for claiming any returns or other tickets that turn up for the performance that evening at 7:30. (What provision was made in case 76 or more of the original 1500 tickets -- all free! -- come back wasn't explained.)

Remember that the program includes many companies, each performing one short work; the one that particularly piques my interest is the Suzanne Farrell Ballet (see the discussions in that forum for some indications of why), performing Balanchine's Tzigane, which I saw them perform beautifully at Jacob's Pillow a couple of years ago.

So here's a chance for those who can't travel to places like that to see them too.

Here's a link to the relevant page:


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