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Hi group!


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I'm a middle-aged guy who, until recently, felt the same way about ballet as a lot of people probably do - "The music is great... but does it really need to be accompanied by all that dancing?" :o

Then one night I was watching the A&E network. They were showing scenes from ballets, and for the first time I really paid attention. It struck me as a very beautiful art form. I found myself tremendously moved by all aspects of it.

Now I own several ballets on DVD, and enjoy them very much. The first one I got was ABT's production of Swan Lake with Gillian Murphy and Angel Corella. I must've watched it a dozen times in the first month!

As yet, I don't know enough about ballet to make intelligent distinctions or criticisms; I'm still at the "I only know what I like" stage... which is probably not a bad place to be, really. :flowers:

Anyway, I hope to broaden my knowledge. Thank you for having me!

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RobH, welcome to Ballet Talk.

We are all sorts here. My story has something in common with yours: the ballet videos on A&E -- and the old Bravo too -- helped change my life. I grew up with ballet but was away from it, living a rather long drive from NYC. Those tv showings, which I started to tape, kept me attached, curious, fascinated, and -- gradually -- yearning for MORE, while live performance wasn't in the cards.

Watch out about ballet dvds though. They can become addictive!

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Many thanks, Bart!

About ballet DVDs being addictive... boy, you ain't kidding! I only started collecting them a few months ago, and already have 20! I'm sure that's not many compared to the collections other people on the board have, but to me it's a lot. :flowers:

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