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Sascha Radetsky Departs ABT/HNB

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Just my Opinion, But I feel Like Sascha has "put in his time" with ABT. I do not not look at it as taking a part away from other dancers. So what if he left for a year. He is truly respected by his fellow ABT dancers and Im sure the majority will be welcoming him back with open arms! :wink:

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The current Pointe magazine has an article entitled "Radetsky Returns". Below are excerpts:

-- "family obligatgions have brought him back to the U.S....."

-- "When family illness brought me back to the States last summer, I realized how much I'd missed my wife, ABT soloist Stella Abrera. That separation was really tough. I'd missed ABT, as well."

-- "I feel that the developments in my personal and professional life have given me a new sense of perspective these days.... Most of all, though, I'm looking forward to spending time with my girl. Being with Stella is more important than chasing roles over in Europe."

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Hello and Happy New Year to all BT members and readers. I am curious about the ABT website and the subject of Sascha. Supposedly, Sascha's return to ABT as a soloist was effective on Jan 01, 2010, yet I still don't see him posted in the soloist section of the website or anywhere else for that matter. If you see his name appear as a cast member for a particular performance however, you can click on his name and his old bio comes up?? In contrast, Simone Messmer's promotion (CONGRATULATIONS Simone!) was effective on the same date that Sascha's return was supposed to be, and her picture has been added to the appropriate section of the website and his has not. Anybody know why?


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