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Sascha Radetsky Departs ABT/HNB

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Radetsky's departure is being reported in the LA Times online edition.

Sascha Radetsky is leaving ABT

Sascha Radetsky, who has been dancing with American Ballet Theatre for the last 13 years -- and as a soloist since 2003 -- is leaving after this weekend's performances at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. He will be joining the Dutch National Ballet.

Radetsky, 31, a native of Santa Cruz, also starred in the 2000 film "Center Stage" and became a darling of young fans by also appearing in pop singer Mandy Moore's music video "I Wanna Be With You" from the "Center Stage" soundtrack.

His last appearances with ABT will be in matinees today, when he dances the Rabbit role in Twyla Tharp's "Rabbit and Rogue," and Sunday, when he'll perform in both the Tharp piece and Harald Lander's "Etudes."

From a Times staff writer

Undoubtedly, we will also soon lose Abrera, as we lost Erica Cornejo when Molina was pushed aside.

Best of luck to Sascha. Hope to see him return some day.

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I was saddened to hear this news a few months ago, and wondered what took so long for ABT or the press to announce it. But maybe Ms. Abrera will delay leaving ABT? Herman Cornejo lost both his sister and his wife to other companies, but he is still at ABT, and especially now, an important mainstay of their roster of superlative male dancers. So again, I am sorry to see Mr. Radetsky leave. Will he be a principal at DNB? (It is DNB, not NDT?)

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Wow, congratulations to him and to Dutch National Ballet, which also snagged PNB's Casey Herd.

I hope he has a wonderful time living in Europe and dancing with the company.

In English we've abbreviated the company as "DNB"; the company is named "Dutch National Ballet" in the English version of the official site. In Dutch the company name is "Het Nationale Ballet".

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(It is DNB, not NDT?)
In English we've abbreviated the company as "DNB"; the company is named "Dutch National Ballet" in the English version of the official site. In Dutch the company name is "Het Nationale Ballet".

NDT = Nederlands Dans Theater/Netherlands Dance Theater, Jiri Kylian's company. Different animal altogether. :smilie_mondieu: I've seen Dutch National referred to here as "Het," which is literally unspecific, but it's such a cute nickname.

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Well, seeing as "het" means "the" in Dutch, it leads to a peculiar redundancy to say "the The".

The La Brea Tar Pits = the the tar tar pits

Acronyms are always tricky. Before the breakup of "Ma Bell," the local iteration of the phone company was Pacific Northwest Bell, or PNB. They overlapped with Pacific Northwest Ballet, and I always used the acronym for the dance company rather than the phone, but I in the minority with that one.

And for me, DNB is the Dance Notation Bureau.

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This is sad news for those of us who see ballet exclusively in the U.S. And I can't say I'm altogether surprised. Whoever is disappointed with this news might take heart because he will become a source of national pride internationally. Like I said about Sofiane Sylve leaving City Ballet, I'm glad I had the chance to see Radetsky dancing in New York.

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The web site of the Dutch National Ballet notes that Sascha Radetsky has left the company and is returning to the United States, though it doesn't say where to.

I was looking at the DNB site recently and noticed that Radetsky photo no longer appeared in the principal dancer section. I wondered what happened. So this notice makes sense.

Certainly I hope he winds up in a good position, hopefully back here in the US. Even back at ABT, I think he has both the talent and the drive to rise through the

men's talent pool. I do think their are opportunities there as Bocca has retired and Malakhov appears to have left , Carreno (while dancing very well) is in his 40s

and Corella is focusing so much on his new company. So my own hope would be that he would return to ABT, not that I have any information at all about his future plans.

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Just remember, "maybe" is one of the larger words in the English language. MAYBE he could get a broker's license and fill a void on Wall Street left by someone who quit the field.

It's just a hypothesis, based on the fact that in the past Twyla has relied heavily on ABT talent in her broadway bound shows (Movin Out w. John Selya and Ashley Tuttle).

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A very interesting development. If Sascha is coming back to the USA, that would be great no matter which company he decides to join (or rejoin?). Another interesting development is that Matt Golding, former first soloist at Corella Ballet, and corps of ABT, is now a "second soloist" at DNB. I wish him all the best. (Quite a quest for international experience and different schools; it will be interesting to see how he develops.)

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I have no information about SR's situation and his departure from the ABT. However, I imagine that he may have left because he thought his chances of making principal were not good. Nothing has materially chanced since SR left, except for things that are not helpful to SR's chances in this regard: (1) promotion of Cory Stearns to soloist, and his increased prominence within the company, (2) continued good progression of Gomes and Hallberg, and expansion of their repertoires, (3) addition of Daniil S, who can take on a lot of the soloist roles that SR used to perform, and (4) addition of R Bolle as ABT principal. Now, how can SR feel better about advancement beyond soloist at the ABT?

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ABT just announced Radetsky's return to the company today -



Sascha Radetsky will return to American Ballet Theatre as a Soloist on January 1, 2010, it was announced today by Artistic Director Kevin McKenzie.

Born in Santa Cruz, California, Radetsky began his ballet studies in the San Francisco Bay area with Damara Bennett and Ayako Takahashi. He studied on scholarship at the summer programs of the School of American Ballet, American Ballet Theatre’s School of Classical Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet School and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Vail, Colorado. At age 15, he was invited to study in Moscow at the Bolshoi Academy under men’s teacher Pytor Pestov and subsequently at the Kirov Academy in Washington, D.C. He toured with the Kirov Ballet throughout the United States and internationally.

Radetsky joined American Ballet Theatre as an apprentice in 1995, became a member of the corps de ballet in 1996 and a Soloist in 2003. His repertoire with the Company includes Lankendem and Birbanto in Le Corsaire, Espada in Don Quixote, the Pastor in Fall River Legend, the second sailor in Fancy Free, Hilarion and peasant pas de deux in Giselle, the Jailer in Manon, Camille in The Merry Widow, the Cavalier and the Nutcracker-Prince in The Nutcracker, Iago in Othello, the title role in Petrouchka, the Champion Roper in Rodeo, Tybalt and Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet, the Bluebird in The Sleeping Beauty, Benno and von Rothbart in Swan Lake, Orion in Sylvia, the fourth movement in Symphony in C and leading roles in Études, The Leaves Are Fading, Rabbit and Rogue and Within You Without You: A Tribute to George Harrison. He created a leading role in From Here On Out. Radetsky starred in the movie Center Stage, directed by Nicholas Hytner, in 2000. He is married to ABT Soloist Stella Abrera.

In September 2008, Radetsky joined Dutch National Ballet as a principal dancer, where his repertoire included Albrecht in Giselle and Masetto in Don Giovanni.

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I guess this illustrates that it pays to leave a job on amicable terms. I'm sure that the various talented men at ABT who are trying to get promoted out of the corps are not pleased.
I beg to differ; Sascha was always a team player, a boon to the entire company and his unifying influence has been missed.
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Just announced on ABT website: Sascha will be returning in January 2010!!!! :wink:

Great News for the American Ballet Lovers, but sad for us here in Europe, my immediate thoughts were "Good perhaps I can go and see him nearer to home" good luck to him, I think he is fantastic.

All the same I feel sorry for the up and coming Guys who are waiting for their promotion. When all the top positions are full, do the management give chances to those waiting in the rank below to dance the leading roles other than just as an under study?

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