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ABT in Orange County, California

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Let me put it this way. Went last night. I have a ticket for tonight for the same program and I'm not going!

The offering was "Etudes" and Tharp's "Rabbit and Rogue".

I think I've seen Etudes perhaps twice. I should love it because I love basics and barre work, and I love Czerny from my piano lesson days. Well ... there were moments. Like Wiles zooming across the stage while doing pirouettes and then nailing a balance that lasted forever. One of the males leads (Stearns and Matthews; the one with the dark hair) had a pas de chat interlude (I'm bad on steps; the one with the beats) in which he did that step all over the place at machine gun pace. Now I'm not a fouette fan but about a dozen people were doing fouettes with doubles and other variations thrown in; it's just fun to watch.

Rabbit and Rogue. Oh, dear. But leaping to the fore were Gillian Murphy and David Hallberg in their first pas de deux. Murphy was simply gorgeous; classical while being sexy and "cool". That pas de deux's choreography was different from the rest of the ballet's choreography ... more classical without quirky Tharp movements thrown in. I also liked Elfman's music. Herrera and Saveliev were the other couple. In her supported multiple pirouettes she was doing them on her own with Saveliev there to make sure she was upright ... he didn't have to spin her.


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What can I say... ABT, Twyla Tharp, and Danny Elfman... just a few of my favorite things.

Rabbit and Rogue did not disappoint. It was one of the most phenomenal performances I've ever seen. I was blown away. I don't even have the words to explain. The play between the music and the choreography was perfect, dark and quirky.

I would go back every night, especially with ticket prices as low as $25, if I could afford the gas from San Diego to Costa Mesa on top of it. I might try one additional trip anyways.

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One of the males leads (Stearns and Matthews; the one with the dark hair) . . .
Stearns has brown hair. Matthews is blond.

Thanks, Giannina, to you and to ToThePointe for your reviews. Even though your opinions conflict, it's great to read how the company is faring on the road.

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