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George Michael's "Twenty Five Tour". Miami 08/03

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Just came home from George Michael show. Wow, and i mean WOW.! Mr. Michael absolutely delivered the best concert I have seen in years! He was ON! The crowd was crazy for him, dancing and singing with him. He left it all on the stage as did we. King George had everyone on their feet from the first song and I only sat down on the ballads. Again, this was one of the best shows I’ve seen ” EVER”! The stage set up was very European looking. It was like one big club scene from the 80’s….what fun. George looks better than ever , is in GREAT shape and his voice is as heart-meltingly beautiful as ever. His energy and joy were contagious. The backup singers and band were amazing too. This show touched all who were in the audience…..it crossed all race, age, gender, sexual preference and economic lines…..it was all about the great music…and the MAN himself! My head’s still full of the stunning music and stage show. Definitely…one of the best shows I’ve seen in ages!

Thanks George! :)

Coming up...Janet Jackson, Tina Turner and the Queen herself...Ms. MADONNA!! :clapping:

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