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2008 Princess Grace Foundation Awards

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The 2008 Princess Grace Foundation Awards were announced today. I found them on MarketWatch News (?!?) but they are also listed on the foundation's website. Congratulations to Blaine, Lucien and to all of the recipients.


Thang Dao, Montclair, CA

Choreography Fellowship, Ballet Austin

Blaine Hoven, Mobile, AL

Chris Hellman Dance Award

Ballet Fellowship, American Ballet Theatre

Jermel Johnson, Baltimore, MD

Ballet Fellowship, Pennsylvania Ballet

Alexander Peters, State College, PA

Ballet Scholarship, School of American Ballet

Lucien Postlewaite, Santa Cruz, CA

Ballet Fellowship, Pacific Northwest Ballet

Spenser Theberge, Vancouver, WA

Ballet Scholarship, The Juilliard School-Dance Division

Dominic Walsh, Elgin, IL

Choreography Fellowship, Sarasota Ballet of Florida

Nelja Y. Yatkin, Berlin, Germany

Choreography Fellowship, Cleo Parker Robertson Dance Theater

Elisa Clark, St. Louis, MO

Modern Dance Honoraria, Mark Morris Dance Group

Leah Morrison, Bethesda, MD

Modern Dance Honoraria, Trisha Brown Dance Company

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Congratulations to all the recipients.

:yahoo: and :flowers: to Postlewaite, a beautiful dancer.

Seattle is lucky in many, many ways.

A beautiful dancer indeed -- and Seattle really is lucky to have PNB (makes up for the Mariners, no?), although I think Boal has probably made at least some of his luck. I still remember Postlewaite from a couple of SAB workshops (he was so musical even then). At the time I thought "Won't it be delightful to watch this career unfold." Alas, I didn't think I would have to change coasts for that to happen!

Congratulations to all.

Sigh ... I got more than a little wistful when I saw the pictures of Körbes and Weese on the Vail Dance Festival site.

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If Monaco thinks I'm going to forgive them for stealing my Juliette (Pantastico) by lionizing my Romeo (Postlewaite), then they may just be right :flowers:

Seriously, if you were luckily enough to have seen PNB's production of Malliot's R&J this last season, you will know just how special these 2 dancers are. Congratulations to both of them.

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