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Anna Pavlova in Salome?

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Dear all,

Pavlova danced a Salome-dance in Brussels, February 1920. The index in Keith Money's standard work does not refer to this piece. Could anyone tell me when she danced it for the first time and to which music?

Thanks a lot!


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According to a French-writing critic, the title was 'Salome'...

the NYPL dance cat. (from a quick search) comes up empty on the key words SALOME and PAVLOVA.

perhaps the work had a Salome theme and a different title?

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Could this be the "Syrian Dance" that Pavlova included in her programs at this time, set to music by Saint-Saens?

Keith Money's book includes several photos. There's a definite of Biblical-era look. Herod's kingdom wasn't far from Syria.

In one of the photos Pavlova, in harem pants, appears to be in the process of having her over-skirt unwrapped and removed by a bare-chested male attendant or companion. (p.262) Could this have been a kind of striptease a la Salome.

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