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How do you get ready to go back to the barre?


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I am Suzy and have taken ballet classes throughout my life.

I started again at age 40 (that was 4 years ago).

My daughter became ill and I gained 35 pounds ...

I consider myself an advanced beginner.

Strengths- adaggio, barre work, jumps (when my bladder is empty).

Weaknesses- oh just about everything else.


How do I get in shape? I am thinking core exercises.


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Hi, Suzy.

I'm afraid your question is beyond the scope of this board. We are devoted to matters of interest primarily to the audience. All studio-related and behind-the-scenes matters are covered by our sister board, BalletTalk for Dancers, which has forums especially for adult students. I encourage you to register on that site. I know you'll enjoy the site. And when you want to discuss ballet videos, performances, particular ballets, books about ballet, then I hope you will check our side.

Welcome to BalletTalk.

I'll close this topic.

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