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figure skating new season

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Liberty' s summer competition was held this week end. Some videos are available on youtube.

My impression is that Rachael Flatt is much improved and her hard work may pay this year. I absolutely loved Ashley Wagner'new look and SP. I hope she can fix her flutz. Patrich Chan isn't in top form yet but his SP is amazing. I have still to be convinced by the FS but maybe it was because there were so many errors. Alyssa Cziny is always a beautiful skater but her technics is still very weak. I wonder what impact her work with Brian Boitano will have on her results. US junior champion Alexe Gilles looked very promising with a FS that included 5 different triple jumps. It will be interesting to see if she's consistent during all season.

I can't wait to see both Mirai Nagasu and Caroline Zhang.

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