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Making up alternate endings to great ballets

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How about Albrecht abdicates and marries Giselle. Bathilde dies and SHE becomes a wili.

Or: albrecht (or Hilarion) acidentally cuts himself on the sword and dies of blood poisoning.

By the way, I heard of a sequel to Giselle called Giselle's Revenge. It uses the same music and has her enticing albrecht in to

her grave, then shutting it and dancing on top. Has anyone else heard of it or seen it?

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Dr. Coppelius sells the doll he could not animate to a band of gypsies passing through town on their way to Russia. The gypsies try using their brand of magic on the doll that they then sell to the charlatan in the long robe they meet at that year's Shrovetide fair. In the next scene we learn that Coppelia has given birth to triplets, those human-doll hybrids, Petrushka, the Ballerina, and the Moor.

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