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Information required please about the Top five American Ballet Compan


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Would some of the American Members be so kind as to provide information about the top five USA Companies, their Artistic Directors and the kind of Ballets they peform, I am dis-counting ABT and NYCB. I have written three full length Ballets, with musical scores, designs and scenario's, one of which has been accepted for future consideration to perform in the UK. The other two, which are ready to be offered for consideration, include a fantasy legend based on the Cheyanne Native American Indians, and has been seen by a well known Co. Director, and

has been given his encouragement. It is an original full length major work, but I am unsure of what Company to approach. I have seen Houston Ballet when they danced Cleopatra in the UK, and also a DVD of Pacific North West Ballet, in George Balanchine's Midsummers Night Dream. But appart from that, I am not familiar with the other USA or come to that Canadian Companies. I honestly feel the storyline, and production would be best suited to a USA/Canadian Co. Your help would be most appreciated. There do not seem to be any Agents for this type of writing, and any way I prefer to contact and liaise with Companies direct myself.

Thank you Nanarina.

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Hey there!

I wish you luck with your enterprise...! I'm not exactly the right person to provide you the kind of information you want with 100 % accuracy, as I'm not myself that knowledgeable on American ballet. Still, as far as I'm the first one to try to answer your question, here's my guess. I hope you'll get more answers from some of BT experts.

ASIDE from ABT and NYCB, here's my top 5 list:

San Francisco Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Miami City Ballet and Boston Ballet.

You can have all kind of info from their websites, or google them too. I'm sure you'll get something out of it. Meanwhile, here's a link to an older thread on the matters. Dig in there.


Good luck! :thumbsup:

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Cristian's given you a good start, and I would be hard pressed to actually rank the companies, but you should not overlook Houston Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet or the new Los Angeles Ballet.

Our own index of American Companies ranks them according to the level of activity of their individual subforums, which does not necessarily translate into the number of performances or budget. Browsing through the forums might give you a sense of each company's repertoire.

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Thank you very much for your help, I had thought about the Companies you mention, so will look up their Site's and decide who to approach,

it will be one at a time, to avoid confusion or conflict !! I had already approached ABT and my work was not in their vein of things, but got a marvelous response from NYCB. Sadly they are fully commited for a very long time. The work is totally complete, but time is not on my side, as my eyesight is failing, and it causes problems with my Artwork. As I am full of idea's this is very frustrating !!! Thank you again Nanarina.

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