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Cuban National Ballet International Course

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Here's some info from the Ballet Nacional de Cuba website:

The Chair Dance of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, under the general direction of Mme. Alicia Alonso, is convening an International Course on technique, style and interpretive concepts of the Cuban Ballet School. The course will take place at the headquarters of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba from November 1st to November 5th/2008. The course is aimed at professional and students with no less than five years of study interested in perfecting their general knowledge on ballet technique. The course price is $350 (US dollars) for foreign students and $350 (National Currency) for cuban students. The package includes:

-Five ballet classes of one hour, from Monday to Friday offered by teachers from the National School of Ballet

-A master conference entitled "Dance in Cuba"

-A ticket to visit the National Museum of Dance

-Five tickets for different performances during the International Ballet Festival of Havana, to be celebrated during those days.

For further information please contact:

Chair Dance, Ballet Nacional de Cuba

Calzada 510 between D and E

Havana, Cuba.

Phone: (537)833 3117, (537)835 2948, (537) 832 7752

Fax: (537) 833 3117

E-mail: bnc@cubarte.cult.cu


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